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Mumbai Betting Plan performance (2021-22)

Betting Plan (Final update)

After a slow and steady start, the Mumbai Betting Plan took off to make super profits. God was kind.

Interested in Betting Plan for Pune? (2022-23)?

Fees Rs 50,000 (taxes included)

Mumbai season 2021-22

[Started Dec 16, 2021 - Ended April 24, 2022]


Bets: 58

Winners: 26

Win%: 45%

Winning streak: 5 (once)

Losing streak: 4 (twice)

Winners 5/1 or over: 6 

Bet size: Constant 

(3% of original starting capital)

Max capital erosion: 6% (10th bet)

Max profit: 123 % [58th (final) bet]

It's the same story again.

Patience always pays.

Discipline never disappoints.

And when your system is tried and tested, it's easier to have faith that it is just a matter of time before a tottering start and uninspiring level of profits will soon be a thing of the past. 

That's one of the beauties of great systems, that time is their friend.

The Mumbai season began on Dec 16 last year, and until the first 18 bets, there was nothing to write home about. A small net profit (or a small net loss) until it was breakeven point on exactly the 18th bet.

However, things changed soon, as they always do, and we never looked back.

We ask our Betting Plan members to always play safe. They bet only 3% of Starting capital on each bet, and NEVER exceed that limit. Still, despite betting a minuscule 3% on each bet, the profits stood at the level of 123% after 58 bets when the season ended on April 24, which means, the starting capital was more than doubled. 

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