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This website offers products/services which provide advice about horse racing, handicapping and betting on horses. We strongly believe that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make money from this game if you suffer from any of the following issues:

i) Not having stress-free betting capital

ii) Lack of patience & discipline

iii) Tendency to chase past losses

iv) No control over impulsive emotions or actions

v) Symptoms or history of a gambling problem

When you visit and access our website, or apply for or use our products/services, we presume that you are above 18 years old and do not suffer from any of the above issues. If that's not the case, please refrain from visiting this website or applying for our products/services. We believe there is absolutely no chance you may profit by our products/services if you suffer from any of the issues listed above. 

Betting Plan

Frequently Asked Questions


The BETTING PLAN is exactly what it says--it tells you WHAT HORSE to bet, and for WHAT CATEGORY (Win/Place).

The recommendations are based on Prakash Gosavi's handicapping insights and methods. In essence, thanks to the timely messages on your smartphone through this APP, you get a chance to exactly replicate Prakash Gosavi's own betting pattern on your own scale and adjusted to your own comfort zone level.

Q: Is there any guarantee?

Guarantee? Certainly not.

Because despite ten straight winning seasons on the trot, PG himself cannot predict if the next season will be a winning one. There is absolutely NO GUARANTEE of any kind. This game is fraught with dangers at every juncture, and a good percentage of the factors that decide the outcome of a race are beyond any bettor's direct control.

We have made it clear that past exellence is no guarantee of future profits, and, that our customers must be fully aware that despite our best intentions and efforts, they may encounter a situation of financial loss for which they have agreed not only to be prepared, but also not to hold anyone including PG, this App & its makers responsible, while signing up for this service.

Q: Will you be handling my bets?

No, we will not.

The money you pay us is our FEE, and not your betting capital.

After you register for our service by paying the FEES, you will need to have your own betting capital from which, based on our recommendations for the bet, you will yourself proceed with your own money. Our advice is to limit your maximum bet to less than 5% of your original, or starting, bankroll.

Q: Will I receive a message in every race?

Unlikely. This exclusive service is a replicated model of PG's own betting activity, and since he does not bet in every race, you are unlikely to receive a recommendation in every race.

Q: When will I be alerted about an upcoming bet?

Good question. But before we explain, please note that we will be sending messages ONLY through this app, and while efforts will be made by us to make sure our messages reach you well in time, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you have access to your smartphone and this app during the races.

As regards our messages, there will be two types of messages that you will receive. One will be called ALERT message; the other will be called ACTION message.

Whenever a probable bet is coming up, you will first receive an ALERT message so that you can stay tuned for the next message. The ALERT message will have no mention of our "horse of interest", it will only convey the "race of interest". This ALERT message, typically, will be relayed after the earlier race at that particular center gets over, say about 20-25 minutes before the race we are interested in.

Since the final decision is made ONLY AFTER the paddock inspection (and sometimes AFTER watching our horse in the post-paddock parade), you can expect to receive the ACTION message soon after the horses leave the paddock, typically 8-10 minutes before the start of the race.

In rare cases, when PG needs to observe how the horse of interest is trotting towards the starting gate, the ACTION message may be delayed up to 5 minutes before the scheduled race time, so you will need to be absolutely alert, and in position, to act quickly after you receive the same.

Q: How will the message about the Betting Plan read or look? Can I see a sample?

Below is a sample ALERT message.
Sep 3, 2016
Race 6 at 4.15 pm.
Stand by for ACTION message.

Below is a sample ACTION message.
Sep 3, 2016
Race 6 at 4.15 pm.
#5 King Of Romance for WIN.

The first message (ALERT) is sent so that you can be ready with the required amount of cash (your standard bet size or maximum 5% of your capital earmarked for an entire season), and get close to the betting area, whether it is a Tote window or bookmaker's ring so that when you get the second (ACTION) message, you are in a position to place your bet.

Should you have any further query, please feel free to email us your thoughts and you will get a response within two days.