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This website offers products/services which provide advice about horse racing, handicapping and betting on horses. We strongly believe that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make money from this game if you suffer from any of the following issues:

i) Not having stress-free betting capital

ii) Lack of patience & discipline

iii) Tendency to chase past losses

iv) No control over impulsive emotions or actions

v) Symptoms or history of a gambling problem

When you visit and access our website, or apply for or use our products/services, we presume that you are above 18 years old and do not suffer from any of the above issues. If that's not the case, please refrain from visiting this website or applying for our products/services. We believe there is absolutely no chance you may profit by our products/services if you suffer from any of the issues listed above. 


The syllabus and topics that will be covered during the course


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Part 1

The Golden Gates

Fait Accompli

1001 ways to lose

The biggest stumbling block

The greatest secret

Thank you, Mr Pascal

The four pillars of success

Part 2

Pick up your blinkers, you need them more than the horses do

Identifying the problem

Devising the solution

The royal road to profits


Part 3
The two W's and their power to shape your fate

The predictable is not your friend

How to master the unpredictability

The solid handicapping factors

The shocking factors

The sensational factors

Strike rate: the ONLY true guide

Learn from the banks, they can teach us how to gamble

Part 4

Beware of the FIRST bet

Why "Well begun" is more than "half done"

The greatest sin

Taming the mental demons

Wisdom and patience

Controlled aggression

Part 5

Proof of the pudding

Surrender the bragging rights

Keep your own company

Manage your stress to manage your money

Reversing the sequence--tricking your mind

Part 6

Preparation is half the game

Pick the pearls, throw the shells

The principles of research

The 4% investment principle (It's not what you are thinking it is!)

Build your own secret vault

How to "tag" a future bet

Be a "Spider"man--what you can learn from a mere insect
​​Take responsibility

Learn to unlearn

Wipe the slate clean, and begin a new journey.

Part 7


More examples

More and more examples

What the odds foretell

Wisdom (or the lack of it) of the crowd

Choose your own harp

Death and taxes: Bear the inevitable--with a smile!