Online transfer or Google Pay

Service: Betting Plan

Centers: Pune & Mumbai

Fees (valid until the end of April 2022)

New members: Rs 60,000 (incl of taxes)

Past members: Rs 40,000 (incl of taxes)

(Past members get 33% Loyalty Discount; have to pay Rs 40,000 only)

01. Online transfer to bank account

Beneficiary name: Rishi Gosavi

Account: SB acc no. 02121000090624

Bank: HDFC bank

Branch: Goregaon East branch, Mumbai

IFSC code: HDFC0000212

02. Google Pay

Beneficiary name: Rishi Gosavi

Google Pay phone number: +919967540301

After making the payment, please send the Transaction Reference Number by SMS to +91 98677 10108 or by WhatsApp to +91 77009 77749