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ONE SMALL THOUGHT by Prakash Gosavi


July 28, 2016


If you have not already done so, you must go back and listen to my audio analysis for the 3rd race on today's Pune card. Just count how many times I mentioned the name Charging Tigress.


I made it very clear she is the hot one on my follow horses list because she had taken an incredible jump on the scale of Dynamic Ratings between her last two runs at Mumbai, and if she shows any form or fitness today, she will definitely carry my money when she switches back to her winning trip of 1400.


But expecting her to win a 1,000-meter sprint? No--NEVER! I would have myself laid against her at 10/1 if I were a bookie. 


How come she managed it? Super fitness?, I don't think so.


My guess is the real reason perhaps was that she dropped the rider and bolted, running riderless all the way to the starting gates, and in the process, got an "accidental warm up exercise" that enabled her to excel over the shortest sprint.




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