What you will learn in each session

Course syllabus

Inaugural lecture

Special session, Sunday, Nov 7, 7 pm to 9 pm: Introduction to concepts


Tuitions dates (all 16 sessions will be conducted via ZOOM.

Session 1

Tue, Nov 9th (7pm to 9 pm): The Pythagorean curse

Horses which are fit, or are close to acquire winning fitness, sometimes suffer due to a unique situation. We spot such horses, based on our rules which make Dynamic Handicapping sense; and when the problem situation is removed, we bet them if they qualify on our pre-decided parameters.


Session 2

Wed, Nov 10th (7pm to 9 pm): Turn Trap into Goldmine

For the gullible and experts alike, there is a trap that almost everyone falls for. We spot this trap, make a creative change, and convert it into a virtual goldmine.

Session 3

Tue, Nov 16th (7pm to 9 pm): The Ding Dong battle

Ever wondered what happens to the horses who win or lose narrowly, after a ding dong (or neck-and-neck) battle? And more importantly, WHY? With our unique research tool, Window To The Future, we spot precise conditions when we can benefit from their subsequent runs.


Session 4

Wed, Nov 17th (7pm to 9 pm): Top jockeys and 3y old horses

Top jockeys, nationally or at each individual center, display a remarkable knack of assessing the budding champions among the three-year-old horses. After all, the name and fame associated with this sport is disproportionately dependent on the quality of young champion horses. This method exploits this unique assessing ability of the top jockeys and puts the odds in our favour.

Session 5

Tue, Nov 23rd (7pm to 9 pm): YOUNG vs OLD

We put up a unique perspective, based on sound handicapping principles, on races where the young horses and old horses race together, and pick up some good insights, again, thanks to our revolutionary research tool, Window To The Future.


Session 6

Wed, Nov 24th (7pm to 9 pm): All Losers Are NOT Equal

How important is the finish position of a loser? Or is the verdict (in terms of lengths behind the winner) more important? We attempt to solve this riddle, and in the process, discover a unique winning method.

Session 7

Tue, Nov 30th (7pm to 9 pm): The Monsoon Magic

What's unique about the monsoon seasons (or summer seasons like Bangalore) in India, during which, rain can affect the underfoot condition at random? What type of races are immune to the underfoot track condition? And until when this method can be counted on to remain profitable?


Session 8

Wed, Dec 1st (7pm to 9 pm): The Lollapalooza Effect

Charlie Munger, legendary investor and Warren Buffett's partner, made this word popular in the investing world. It loosely means that if each single factor adds value or makes the process better, then multiple such factors, acting at the same time, can have an exponential positive effect. To our delight, we find this to be absolutely true. The result? We add one more high-probability method to our arsenal.

Session 9

Tue, Dec 7th (7pm to 9 pm): Not Disgraced in Defeat (NDD) - method A

The principles of Dynamic Handicapping sometimes point to a unique scenario. What we find, in some races, is that the winner is clearly and decisively superior, but some horses finishing behind it are not disgraced in defeat, and may live to fight another day in another set of rivals.


How to spot such situations? Again, the Window To The Future provides the answer. The NDD as we call it, is a broad spectrum method which perhaps throws up most number of bets as compared to the other methods. So we have divided the insights into 4 main methods A, B, C & D), and need to go a bit slow with them so that there is crystal clear understanding of what we will be doing and why. That's why 4 full sessions are devoted to each of these categorties.


Session 10

Wed, Dec 8th (7pm to 9 pm): Not Disgraced in Defeat (NDD) - method B

(for details, read session 9 note above)

Session 11

Tue, Dec 14th (7pm to 9 pm): Not Disgraced in Defeat (NDD) - method C

(for details, read session 9 note above)

Session 12

Wed, Dec 15th (7pm to 9 pm): Not Disgraced in Defeat (NDD) - method D

(for details, read session 9 note above)

Session 13

Tue, Dec 21st (7pm to 9 pm): The WD-34-Sy method

Don't be puzzled by the name. We didn't find a better name than this to help us remember all the unique features of this method. This method captures some pricey horses at a decent strike rate.


Session 14

Wed, Dec 22nd (7pm to 9 pm): The T-BoL method

This is perhaps the most exciting method because it gets you even 20/1 horses! Of course, it is not a very high-probability method like our other methods, but what it lacks in strike rate, it more than makes up in the incredible odds it can sometimes get you.

Session 15

Tue, Dec 28th (7pm to 9 pm): The "Bunch Of Losers" method

Have you heard about phrases like "winners hang around" and "losers hang around" together? In life it is generally true, and in horse racing too, sometimes, a future winner chooses to "hang around" with another future winner.


What are the precise conditions to spot in the race video? You will learn this technique in this session. 


Session 16

Wed, Dec 29th (7pm to 9 pm): The Aup Cup method

Very few horses who win go on to win again. Can we spot them in advance?


This method answers that question. It picks up a unique subset of winners which can be depended on to do the repeat trick. The name, Aup Cup, is a hint to the main features of this method.

Note: 1) *All registered participants will first meet in an ONLINE Zoom meeting at 7 pm on Sunday (Nov 7) for an introduction to this new, revolutionary handicapping concept.

2) If, for any reason, once in a while, a participant cannot attend a particular session, the video recording of that session will be shared with him/her. However, a repeated request for such facility is not welcome.

Who should enroll? And who should not?

Anyone with a curious mind, who has the patience and discipline (or hopes to develop those qualities if given the right knowledge), can enroll. Of course, you must be over 18 years old--that's the statutory requirement.

And yes, you must join with an open mind. Because everything that we teach you will run contrary to every handicapping principle you have ever heard, or learnt, and it needs special kind of courage to take up this contrarian journey. 

A special note on who should NOT join. The know-all types, who brag that they have already figured out everything there is to know about horse racing, should stay away. Each of our sessions is expected to be a very focused and intense learning experience, and anyone who can be a drain on the group energy because of his attitude or ego is not welcome.