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Important note: This website reserves the right of admitting anyone as Member for any of the services offered. The act of visiting the website and making the payment cannot constitute as a claim for Membership. Money paid by those to whom Membership is denied later will be refunded.


This website offers products/services which provide advice about horse racing, handicapping and betting on horses. We strongly believe that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make money from this game if you suffer from any of the following issues:

i) Not having stress-free betting capital

ii) Lack of patience & discipline

iii) Tendency to chase past losses

iv) No control over impulsive emotions or actions

v) Symptoms or history of a gambling problem

When you visit and access our website, or apply for or use our products/services, we presume that you are above 18 years old and do not suffer from any of the above issues. If that's not the case, please refrain from visiting this website or applying for our products/services. We believe there is absolutely no chance you may profit by our products/services if you suffer from any of the issues listed above. 

If, despite being interested you have not been able to subscribe to any of our services because of the limited number of slots we offer, please fill in the form below. This will help us to get in touch with you as and when a slot is avaialable for the product or service of your interest. For more information, please read 'Our Services: For Whom?'



List of PRODUCTS or SERVICES for which you wish to be WAIT-LISTED:

1. Betting Plan (mention center)

2. Inner Circle

3. ONLINE lessons of Dynamic Handicapping courses

4. Horse career management (only for horse owners)

5. Money Management (horse racing)

6. Money Management for Stock Portfolio