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ii) Lack of patience & discipline

iii) Tendency to chase past losses

iv) No control over impulsive emotions or actions

v) Symptoms or history of a gambling problem

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Ignorance always proves much more expensive than education, especially in horse racing.

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Never were truer words spoken.


Ignorance is always more expensive than education in any sphere of life, but more so in horse racing where even the most intelligent need some experience to become smart, the smartest need all the training to become wise, and the wisest need a bit of luck to survive and prosper.


100-year old wisdom

"Playing the races appears to be the one business in which men believe they can succeed without special study, special talent or special exertion. For that reason the bookmakers ride around in automobiles and eat at Delmonico's while the majority of regular racegoers congratulate themselves for being lucky if they have the price of a meal and car-fare. Why a man who is sensible in other things holds this idea I have never been able to satisfy myself. He knows and will acknowledge such methods will mean failure to him as a merchant, a broker, or businessman in any other walk of life, but he never seems to apply that knowledge to racing," thus wrote the legendary winning handicapper George E Smith aka "Pittsburgh Phil" in 1908 and, ironically, his words ring true even more than 100 years later.


Knowledge vs. Guesswork

Knowledge. Acquire it by any means--education, training, coaching or mentoring--it will always beat guesswork hands down.

Without proper knowledge you don't stand a chance of beating this intriguing game which involves both the champion and pedestrian horses, and is populated by all types of professionals: talented & ordinary, honest & crafty, sharp & dumb, and straight & wicked.


Luck may help you in the short term--in fact, beginner's luck DID help most of the losers you see around today, because of which they unwittingly set themselves up for certain ruination which is the only guaranteed long-term outcome of this game if you don't train yourself to be a good handicapper, cautious investor and intelligent money-manager.


But where do you get to learn these things? There is not a single school/college/university that trains you to be a winner at this complex game of horse racing.


But that was true until yesterday--not any more.


After training nearly 300 handicappers between 2003-2008 in the art and science of Dynamic Handicapping, and guiding another 600 students through the handicapping seminars conducted by the RWITC Ltd, Prakash Gosavi has now designed a holistic HANDICAPPING COURSE that he hopes will convert a novice into a PRO--and hopefully, a loser into WINNER.

It's not an easy course, nor it is cheap. You will be right in viewing it as the first ever Handicapping Course in the world that is designed by a winning handicapper who believes only in PROFITS and nothing else.


This course will enable you to:

i) Unlearn all that you have learned about racing so far, and wiping the slate clean. It is like re-formatting a hard disk with corrupt segments, and then downloading a new mental software (the winning mindset)

ii) Fortify yourself against the 10 most deadly decision traps that invariably force you to take a wrong decision in crunch moments if you don't have safeguards in place that can protect you against them

iii) Learn to sift only the useful and relevant information from the jungle of data and devising methods to process that information intelligently

iv) Invent, create and devise your own unique and secret research methods which can lead you confidently to pricey winners which is the most aspired royal road to great profits from this game

v) Save loads of time that can be used productively elsewhere (It's difficult to believe, but Prakash Gosavi spends only 20 minutes to decide his probable bets on the day's card.....even you should be able to do the same after this training).

vi) Design your very own betting rules that will help you make up your mind in seconds instead of oscillating like a pendulum between YES and NO

vii) Manage your money in such an efficient way so that you can ride your luck during a winning spree, but save yourself from ruin during a losing run

viii) Always be aware of the fact that you are in this game solely for PROFITS, and that making stress-less, near-certain and sizable profits on a regular basis also has, besides financial security, other rewards like joy, worry-free attitude, peace and great family life, all of which, together, ensure good physical and mental health (which is generally the first casualty if you adopt the wrong approach in dealing with this difficult game).