Mojito for A Campbell Trophy

Mumbai Betting Plan update (Sunday, Nov 27):

Only 1 bet, a loser.


PUNE 2022 season Betting Plan update

God was kind. Pune was yet another profitable season for us.

The season finished with 70% profit!


At only a minuscule 3% of the starting capital as a bet on each recommendation, the profits accumulated during the Pune season were 70% of the starting capital.

*The odds on winners were the NET odds after accounting for the tax component.

Mumbai season began on Sunday, November 20.

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MK Jadhav-trained Mojito and Pesi Shroff-trained Supernatural, both 3y old classics hopefuls, who have crossed swords at Bangalore earlier, will renew their battle in the A Campbell Trophy, slated as the feature event of Sunday afternoon at the Mahalaxmi racetrack. Though there are half a dozen more horses in the fray, in all likelihood this will turn out to be a straight duel between the two. Thanks to a recent winning run at Pune, Mojito may have an upper hand at the all-important end. 


First race at 2 pm.



Captain G. Hall Trophy (For 3y, maidens, IV; 1200m)

Nostalgic 1, Goldiva 2, Golden Lioness 3.


D W Reid Plate (Class IV; 1000m)

Dragoness 1, Hela 2, Phanta 3.


G A Trophy (Class IV; 1400m)

Lord Fenicia 1, Kings Best 2, Outlander 3. 


A Campbell Trophy (Class II; 1400m)

Mojito 1, Supernatural 2, Pride's Angel 3.


Gracias Saldanha Memorial Million (For 2y, maidens; 1000m)

New Dimension 1, Miranda 2, Portofino Bay 3.


Bejan Bharucha Plate (For 4y&o, class V; 1600m)

Eleos 1, Mount Sinai 2, Mysterious Girl 3. [Lost]


M D Petit Plate (For 5y&o, class V; 1200m)

Victoria Peak 1, Periwinkle 2, Hilad 3.



Day's best: None
Upsets: House Of Lords & Tyrone Black (3-1)

Courtesy: mid-day