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by RPG

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Rishi Prakash Gosavi (RPG) is Prakash Gosavi's son, who joined the research team of this website after putting in 8 years at two of the leading trainers' stables at Mahalaxmi & Pune. His hobbies are picking (horses) and clicking (pictures). But unlike his father who sticks to his home turf (RWITC racing), RPG likes to dabble at other centers. This page will feature both his PICKS and CLICKS.


Sunday, Jan 29


5-1 Ballerina @2.50 pm

8-4 Salento (Derby) @4.35 pm

What I do: These choices are declared way before the odds are available. Personally, I bet for WIN only if the NETT odds are at least above 80/100 (else I SKIP); & WIN/PLACE if the PLACE NETT odds are above 80/100.



For the latest pictures clicked by RPG, please visit his instagram page here.

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