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Dynamic Handicapping ONLINE course has now shifted to a brand new platform. 

First understand what is Dynamic Handicapping, and what it is not.

Dynamic Handicapping is a system which looks at the dynamics of a running race, in a race video, and isolates horses as probable future bets.
It is completely contrarian in nature when compared to the traditional handicapping systems.
The most controversial part is this system does not believe in studying all horses in all races. In fact, a Dynamic Handicapper does not look beyond his own selection--not even at the rival horses!

For him, life is simple--if the horse qualifies on ALL parameters, then bet; if it does not, skip!

For best experience, use earphones or headphones to watch these videos, and to adjust volume to your comfort level.

Actually, these videos are for those who have already enrolled, and are about to start learning, but we feel it is also a good source of information for those who are toying with the idea of joining the course.

If, after watching the explanatory videos below, you are convinced this system is right for you, ONLY then you may enroll for the course. That will save your time and money, and certainly our time.

Wishing you the best always,


What is Dynamic Handicapping? And what kind of profits are we talking about here?

What will you learn, at what pace, and what you need to focus on?

As a learner, what do you need to bring to the table?

The world vs. Dynamic Handicapper: what they do differently

Register for free lectur

Attn: Registered participants

The ONLINE Dynamic Handicapping Course has migrated to a brand new platform. If you have not received your new login credentials in mail, please use the button below to inform us, or call +919867710108 so that we can onboard you immediately. Thanks for your patience and co-operation.

Proven winning methods

Learn in a simple way. Learn from the comfort your home.  Each winning method will be taught with the help of race videos, with multiple examples.

Who should enroll?

Anyone with a curious mind, who has patience & discipline, or hopes to acquire them if given the right knowledge, is welcome to enroll.

Learning made easy

You get full six months to finish the course at your own pace, at your convenient time and from anywhere: via laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

What those who have already learnt the methods have to say


M Ravi, New Delhi

I am glad that I got to be part of the Dynamic Handicapping class group of Prakash Gosavi.


It has completely changed my outlook, and the angle through which I looked at the races earlier.

Rajesh B, Mumbai

I will confess one thing. I had made a mistake not attending Dynamic Handicapping classes so far. PG sir is a sheer genius to be able to think the way he does about horses and handicapping. 

K Kumar, Bangalore

I would like to extend a warm thank you for organizing amazing ONLINE training sessions. Not only that the session was very informative, but the training material that was provided was also very interesting.


What I enjoyed the most was the infographics which made the whole process of learning so much more interesting and engaging.

I want to thank you and your team which was involved in the process of making this training session so productive. It was a great job done and I will look forward to attend more upcoming training sessions with you. 

Eswara R, Bangalore

Normally, we all see race videos with winner or second horse in mind. Your methods tell us what exactly to see with particular reference to the patterns you taught, and follow in next outing. Excellent Sir!

Anto S, Mangalore

The Dynamic Handicapping course is very practical and informative. We are able to learn some new concepts in racing. I now look at the race results in a whole different way. Mr. Prakash Gosavi makes it more interesting with his in--depth knowledge of the racing industry. Thank You.

Darshan S, Mumbai

I can't express how grateful I feel by attending your sessions . The techniques  and theories which are taught by you have certainly guided me to have a different approach towards this subject .

I’ve been following your blogs and articles past few years, and since then I was eager to attend your Dynamic Handicapping sessions, but due to some circumstances I missed the last Bangalore workshop in 2019. However, I am thankful that you came up with online sessions. 

Keep inspiring as always, and hope to meet you soon in person some day. Cheers!

Amit D, Pune

You and your team are doing a great job in making this Online Handicapping Course a great success.

I am glad I decided to join this as it would enhance my skill set to the next level.

It's really great how you make learning this easy and interesting.

Thank you for all your efforts, sir.

R Nair, Mumbai

Firstly I would like to thank PG Sir for arranging the online sessions as I have been waiting for them for a long time. PG Sir is an encyclopedia of racing and breathes racing. 

The sessions were very engaging, with plenty of great insights and anecdotes. The video handicapping methods discussed were amazing and backed with solid examples. I benefited immensely from it and added a few tools to my handicapping arsenal. I will continue to further research on the lines taught by him and be ready for the start of Indian racing.

S Madan, Pune

l am not a regular race goer, but I used to read PG sir's column. I was keen to learn handicapping tricks from him.

"A window to future" is an amazing technique. For beginners like me, it is a research tool that will be profitable.

Sunil, Bangalore

New methods of video handicapping are very interesting, and your teaching is simple and very clear even for a layman to understand. 

Overall, I am feeling very excited about the methods you taught us.

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